Together at 12th is bringing a pop of colour and a breath of fresh air to Delhi NCR.

We are more than just a restaurant and bar, we are a destination where people can expect to meet others and make a change.

So let's get carried away, Together!



Together At 12th


+91 7303811277

12th Floor, Le Meridien Hotel

Sector 26 Gurugram


 The efforts of the farmer, the soil, the ingredient, the chef, the bartender and the consumer are coming Together to build the food philosophy for our restaurant & bar.

We practice an ingredient dominant cuisine. The ingredients are all sourced locally and the methods are inspired mainly from Haute Cuisine. We want to support the soil of our country by choosing each ingredient carefully and sourcing responsibly and sustainably while encouraging zero wastage.


Over time our menus have evolved to include lost and unknown regional recipes of India inspired by the travels of Chef Vanshika and Mr. BarTrender Nitin.


India is a land of Biodiversity be it in it's ingredients, It's Cuisine, It's Recipes or It's People, Vanshika and Nitin aim to showcase this diversity through every dish and drink not just to the world, but also to the citizens of India. All the while uplifting Indian Cuisine and really celebrating it for all it's colourful glory.