Chefs' World Tour

Season 2

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7 chefs from around the world are coming Together to bring magic into our very own city of Gurgaon. 

These chefs, who are at the top of the game in their own countries, are all formers interns of Noma, Copenhagen and this is the second edition of their collaboration. The first one was at De Kaserne in The Netherlands. It is a unique gathering and reunion of culinary experts who, since their time at Noma, have conquered the world and work in prominent positions in the best kitchens. 

Each chef will serve a course with his or home country as inspiration and will use at least one local ingredient from India. In 9 courses served in 3 hours, they take guests on a culinary journey around the world and the guests get to have delicious dishes from leading restaurants where normally one would have to reserve weeks in advance to get a table. 

Together At 12th is going to be the platform for these chefs to come together and share their experience, passion and love for food with each other as well as with the diners.

We are offering 3 types  of experiences. 

The Raw and Fine Experience (Food paired with Non-Alcoholic Beverages)

                                                            7000++ (INR 9,086 inclusive of taxes)

The Together Experience (Food paired with Alcohol)

                                                            9000++ (INR 11,700 Inclusive of Taxes)

The Together Luxury Experience (Food paired with Luxury Alcohol and other Luxe surprises)

                                                            15,000 ++  (INR 19,906 Inclusive of taxes)

To reserve your spot, please call us at +91 73038 11277